Cakes to Celebrate Love and Life / Koeke ter viering van Liefde en Lewe

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Cakes to Celebrate Love and Life offers a wide variety of bakes from across the world, including traditional cakes, modern creations and everything in between. It’s enough to make any cake lover, from novice to experienced baker, grab an apron and mixing bowl with renewed enthusiasm.

World Gourmand Cookbook Awards -Best South-African Dessert Book 2009

Out of print

Published in Afrikaans as Koeke ter viering van Liefde en Lewe.

on April 7, 2011
Thanks Callie & Mari-Louis!! I have officially started with the first recipe and will work my way through, – so easy to work with, have baked some random recipes and they have all been a great success. I have decided to have a weekly tea party and get the girls to write their honest comments on the page with the date of tea party. Who knows, I might gift this wonderful book to you once done. I do know a lot of my friends are avidly baking around town.
I look forward to the next one!
Every South African housewife should have this book on her shelf – AND those still looking to becoming a wife. Lovely easy recipes for the unexperienced.



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